Jumaat, Januari 30, 2009

Sankai - U tagged me again!!!! Kowser

Complete the sentences.

1. Answer the questions below and put the link of the person who tagged you
2. Tag 5 people and let them know by leaving a message in their blog

My idea of going on a date would be... high in the sky...........

The worst punishment my parents gave me was...'Ketuk Ketampi'  because I was late to the  Musolla about 18 years ago!!!

My most extravagant splurge in the last six months is...'whatever it's,would be my 'new body shape'katenyer......

If I can have a super-ability, I'd want to have...Firaun

KL is...'too peaceful'

My influences in life are... Bapak, Mak & my personal life

I have climbed the highest mountain on earth and found the wisest man in the entire galaxy. And I can ask him only one question. I am going to ask him...  'pls take my 'fat' a bit?'

My wishes for 2009 would be that...settle all my debt

Lastly, I'd like to be remembered by... everyone that i'm not to be slim, but not to be chubby anymore

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